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Our Pharmacy Covid Vaccines

Mackenthun's Beck Pharmacy can provide Covid-19 vaccines: Pfizer, and Moderna.

Please note: at this time, we are only providing Pfizer vaccines for patients 12 years of Age and older.

Who Is Eligible for a 2nd Booster of Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines?

Anyone 50 and older who has gotten any approved or authorized primary Covid-19 vaccine series and a booster dose is eligible for a second booster of Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna at least four months after receiving their first. Although the CDC expanded booster eligibility, the agency says the second shot is especially important for those 65 and older and those 50 and older with underlying medical conditions. See CDC page for further information.
For First Booster Eligibility please see below chart.

The CDC now recommends patients receive the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna Covid-19 Vaccines when available over the Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) vaccine. Click icon above to read the updated recommendation.

Covid-19 Vaccine Scheduling

In order to best serve customers and ensure availability of product, we only schedule 2 weeks out.

Please plan accordingly and check back daily for new openings.

Thank you for your understanding as we navigate these challenging times.

Ensuring the privacy and security of your data is a top priority for us. You can rest easy, knowing that we take every precaution to provide an online form service with high grade security.

The Vaccine is Free

The Federal government provides the COVID-19 vaccine 100% free of charge. This applies to all people living in the United States, regardless of their immigration or health insurance status.

After receiving the vaccine, each patient is given a COVID vaccination card. This card is a documentation of vaccination type and dose.