Mack’s Rewards

So Many Mack's Rewards...

Pharmacy rewards – 10% grocery discount after 5 filled prescriptions

Vitamin program – FREE monthly supply of Good Neighbor Vitamins

Deli rewards – 9th Deli Dinner is FREE

Online order rewards – FREE picking fee

Monthly popup rewards – 10% off groceries, $20 off, BOGO deals, and more.

Digital coupon

Mack's Rewards FAQ

“If it doesn’t give me gas points, what does it do?”

Mackenthun’s Rewards can save you money via digital coupons, pop-up rewards, and special discounts!

“Should I use my Rewards every time?”

Absolutely! Not only does this guarantee maximum savings, but there are many Rewards that are cumulative (ie: 9th Deli dinner is free). So it’s definitely worth scanning or telling your phone number to the cashier at checkout!

“What’s the fastest way to see my current Mack’s Rewards?”

Every time you use your Rewards at the checkout, a smaller Rewards receipt will print out. This printout will show you all your current and cumulative Rewards.

“What is my information used for?”

Mackenthun’s uses your Rewards information for personalized in-store experiences. It also provides an alternative way to enter your Rewards profile at checkout!

“Why do I need a completed profile?”

A completed profile is the best way guarantee the full benefits of your Rewards experience, as well as recovering any Rewards information should an issue arise. Your information is secure and never shared with anyone.

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